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Patient stories

We tried to have a baby for more than 1 year and we hoped this was our solution. Quickly I realized that the many doctor visits, hormones, etc brought a lot of emotional stress and pressure to my partner and on my job.  I learned about the Aurora Test, a safe test that could help me get pregnant faster. No doubt, we immediately agreed to get this test. I had 7 oocytes resulting in 4 viable embryos. The test allowed the embryologist to transfer the best scoring embryo immediately. And guess what, I was pregnant after my first transfer! Jennifer, 30 years

We had one baby after IVF and were dreaming about our second one. We were still considering when a friend told us about the Aurora Test. It would increase our chances as the best embryo could be chosen from the best scoring egg. It appealed to us and we decided to go for it. I had 12 oocytes and 7 viable embryos. We were so happy that the Aurora Test could help the embryologist in his decision and got it right from the first transfer.  Sarah, 34 years

I also wish to have a child, but I never expected that it would be so heavy. And it wasn’t cheap either. The stress, the money, the many discussions. When the doctor told us about the Aurora Test, I pushed my wife to get it. She is very anti-genetic testing and is scared about all new technologies. However, the Aurora Test does not touch the embryo. It is not a genetic test and is safe. It helped us to get pregnant faster and saved us a lot of money. I am proud to say, we are expecting our first baby soon. Thank you Fertiga to make our dreams come true. Eric, 32 years

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